Costa Blanca Sailing School

As the longest established sailing school in the Spanish Mediterranean Coast, we are delighted to offer a few speciality courses of our own, as well as anything you might have thought of yourself. We can’t promise that we will have you sailing like the round the world top skipper after a competent crew course but we will try to tailor a course, mini cruise or charter to your specific requirements. Why not think about putting together a group of 6 friends and trying one of our 3 day mini cruises along the beautiful Costa Blanca.

We can arrange for your ICC (International Certificate of Competence) test on either your own boat or ours, help you with new boat tuition, run a 2 day harbour manoeuvres course or a 2 day Gennaker & Spinnaker course for you. If you are doing your Yachtmaster examination we can arrange this for you, help you prepare and then you can use our boat with the RYA Examiner, all for one fixed cost. If you have a boat of your own and you want it delivered elsewhere, or you would like a hand delivering it then we can help with this as well. As with everything, please feel free to contact us to discuss anything. Chances are we’ve done it already.


ICC (International Certificate of Competence) CERTIFICATION and TEST

We provide this course for those who require this certificate. For an experienced sailor this course should take 2/3 days. For a beginner, then really the level is Day Skipper, so unless you have at least a lot of dinghy sailing or even windsurfing experience ,this course is going to take more than 3 days. The ICC is recognized internationally (but not 100%) by the local port authorities and gives you the right to sail in local waters. (However, the charter companies may well demand, Coastal Skipper and often Yachtmaster if you are chartering a larger vessel).

Course Price: 170€ per day.

Harbour Manoeuvres

With aeroplanes, most accidents occur when landing and taking off. The situation is analogous for boats. The marinas are where the insurance claims are made.  We run a two day course where you never leave the marina. This may sound exceptional, but Alicante marina is absolutely exceptional – it is truly enormous and never too busy  – there is always room to manoeuvre and decent shelter here.

The manoeuvres we work on are principally stern – to moorings into a variety of berthing situations and  in all wind aspects, but also alongside mooring, springing off, 180 degree  turns in tight channels. Total control and confidence is what you will achieve at the end of this two day course. The gear box will work very hard during the two days, but you will work even harder. Are you up for this?

Course Price: 170€ p. day

Gennaker and Spinnaker Training

Our training boat has a furling gennaker. This is the way boats are now. It is easy to use, reliable and quick to set. However there are skills involved in this that have to be learned. Furling the gennakere is not difficult, but it has to be learned. And finally, gybeing with our gennaker is a piece of cake once you know how. Just watch the Volvo Ocean Race boats. We use exactly the same technique. We have the same set up.

Our spinnaker is absolutely standard and not overpowering, so it is also relatively easy to handle. After a couple of days of intensive training (hard work) you should be relaxed with this exciting piece of kit!

Course Price: 170€ p. day

Yachtmaster Preparation and Exam

The Yachtmaster Exam will include an assessment of your skippering skills, boat handling, general seamanship, navigation, safety awareness and knowledge of the IRPCS, meteorology and signals etc. The exam lasts about 8 hours per candidate. The exam is conducted by an external examiner usually flown in from South of England.

We arrange the exam and prepare you for the exam. However, there is no point in thinking about the exam unless you have done 2,500 miles seatime, at least half of which must be tidal.

How long is our preparation course? It all depends on you? Usually it is a minimum of three days, unless you have considerable experience at crossing the English Channel. We practice MOB’s day and night in all winds and points of sail, with and without motor. Blind navigation, anchoring, use of radar GPS, AIS, maintenance, safety , navigation are all revised as close-quarter manoeuvres in the marina. There is no room for chaos.

Course Price: 170€ p. day

Own Boat Tuition

If you have your own boat, why not learn to sail in it? We are happy to do this locally or move away from our base in Alicante and offer you any course in your own boat, provided the safety standards, in terms of equipment, are up to the national standards. Please get in touch for a quotation. This may well work out as a more economic option!

Course Price: 170€ (plus any travel expenses)


We have experience in delivering yachts within European waters. So Glasgow – Marbella, Portsmouth – Corsica, Hamburg – Lorient, etc. are all within our comfort zone. Also, speaking English, German, French and Spanish (the major European Languages) gives us a certain advantage in dealing efficiently with the various port authorities we might encounter en route. Prices by negociation.